Do timber frame houses hold their value?

Timber frame houses can be LEED certified. They are built with energy efficient features, such as super insulated walls and ventilated roof systems with rigid foam insulation that minimizes heat transfer and provides extremely high R values. According to Kiplinger, the comforts of a home also improve its resale value. While we all love timber-framed houses, sometimes a move is necessary.

Whether it's for work, family, or any other important reason, sometimes we have to move. When we need to move, it's natural to want to sell a house as quickly as possible, for as much as possible. Fortunately, timber-framed homes are likely to be among the best-selling and highest-grossing homes on the market. If you saw a timber-framed house that you liked on Tuesday and you liked the price, the same house went up in price just a day or two later.

It is also debatable whether the treatment of wood offers complete long-term protection against all possible known harmful effects to wood. This can cause an additional problem when the wooden structure shrinks as it dries and the supporting steel structure does not. Companies with a long history won't do that and will increase their prices according to the market, which could mean that, in most cases, the timber-framed home could be out of reach for some time, at least financially. There are a few different types of timber framing systems, however, the most common is the “Platform Frame” type.

To lessen the chance of wet rot, it is generally accepted that the wood structure should not be covered until the moisture content is 20% or lower. As you can see, the design of the wooden frame house is no different from any other form of house construction, since it has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Timber frame construction can offer a viable alternative solution for the self-builder who builds a single single family home. The great thing about wooden construction and wooden frames is that some simpler tasks can be done by yourself or with friends with almost basic tools.

They rot: The wood used in modern timber frame house designs is pressure treated with preservative. However, it also follows that timber-framed houses tend to suffer more from overheating in summer. They're too light: People often say that timber-framed houses don't feel “solid” like traditional cavity construction.

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