Where to buy wood for timber framing?

Timber framing, a traditional method of building with heavy timbers, requires specific types of wood to ensure the structure's strength and durability. Here's where you can buy wood for your timber framing needs:

Local Sawmills

Local sawmills are often the first choice for sourcing timber. They can provide a variety of local woods, allowing you to inspect the quality firsthand. Sawmills often have knowledge about the best wood types for your specific project and can offer competitive prices.

Specialty Timber Suppliers

Specialty timber suppliers cater to specific needs like timber framing. They usually have a wide range of high-quality woods, including both softwoods and hardwoods, and can provide custom sizes and cuts. Although they might be more expensive, their expertise and range of options are beneficial for specialized projects.

Online Retailers

For convenience, online retailers offer a broad selection of timber that can be delivered directly to your site. This is especially useful if you're looking for rare or exotic woods. However, remember that you won't have the opportunity to inspect the wood in person before purchasing.

Reclaimed Wood Dealers

If you're interested in a more environmentally friendly option, consider reclaimed wood. Dealers in reclaimed wood can provide timber with unique characteristics and a story, although it may come at a higher cost. This option is ideal for those seeking a rustic or historic look.

Building Supply Stores

General building supply stores can be a good source for standard timber sizes. While they may not have the range of a specialty supplier, they are convenient for more common timber framing needs.


Just as you would carefully select roofers in Brandon, FL for a quality roofing job, choosing the right supplier for timber framing wood is essential. Consider the type of project, the desired aesthetic, and your budget when deciding where to purchase your wood. Whether you choose a local sawmill for its authenticity, a specialty supplier for its expertise, or an online retailer for convenience, ensure the wood meets the requirements of your timber framing project for a durable and beautiful result.

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