Can timber frame houses have loft conversions?

In short, it is certainly possible to convert the loft of a timber-framed house, but you will need to consider additional structural considerations within your budget. On the other hand, newer timber-framed homes generally feature enormous ridge heights, making them fabulous large loft conversions. You may well be considering replacing the roof entirely with attic frames (like roof truss, but it's framed to allow room on the roof). Yes, Crown Development Services Ltd is fully insured.

Yes, at Crown Development Services Ltd, we want to stay in touch and hear all about how you enjoy your new living space. After the conversion is complete, we'll visit you to discuss your experience with Crown in more detail. We also like to take pictures because we are proud of our work. With our ten-year structural warranty, you can be sure that your loft conversion will be in good hands for many years to come.

Yes, all Crown Development Services loft conversions, once completed, come with our 10-year warranty for peace of mind: we know loft conversions. If your property is timber-framed, then again, conversion should be possible, although this becomes more of a matter for a structural engineer to demonstrate that the timber structure itself can accommodate the additional loads, alterations, etc. The lattice roof is a common problem, but being a timber framed house makes the work much more complicated due to the uncertainty about the additional load on the structure.

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